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Think green

Friday's Project comes back stronger than ever, maintaining our ethics and compromises with an equal society and a free and ecologic environment. All of our production is located in Europe, we contribute with fair labour laws and we promote local fashion to collaborate with the promotion of the ecologic business.

Wear green

Our collections are inspired by nature, this way we connect with the ecosystem and we protect it from the pollution that fashion industry produces.

Our materials

The materials and fabrics that we work with are made consciously not to harm our planet: Organic Cottons, cupro 100% bio, Ramie 100% hiperalergenic, tercel, the most environmental friendly for its low consumption of water.
Linen one of the most antique fabrics the planet, antibacterial and resistant to the U.V. radiation. Recycled Polyester. Viscose, a natural origin fiber, completely biodegradable which is made by natural fibers, Bambu, a fiber that is an alternative to the organic cotton that grows fast, without the need of pesticides or compost.

The main goals of Friday's Project are to promote the free pollution production, the fair commerce and to maintain our compromise with the environment.

Think green, wear green

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